December 9, 2009

They Did What????

If you haven't figured out by now, I am a huge fan of online entrepreneur John Chow. Not only is he an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere, he's has a strong and truthful opinion (no BS), which I absolutely love. And he's very down to earth with a heart of gold.

Which brings me to a recent post of his about Invesp a PPC campaign company. In his post he share's this with his readers:

"A couple days ago Shoemoney and I decided endorsed ZK of Web Traffic ROI to win the Invesp Top Internet Marketer of 2009. We asked you to vote for ZK instead of us because we felt ZK deserve the win and with it, the recognition.

You guys did your part and within a few days ZK was crushing everyone in the contest.

However, it seems that Invesp wanted someone else to win and has removed most of ZK’s votes.

If you can’t trust Invesp to run a legit contest then how can you really trust them to run your PPC campaigns or optimize your conversions? What a bunch of douche bags!

Invsep. You just got on a shit list!"

After reading this, I must say wow. I cannot believe a company would go as far as rigging a contest! And while not all contests are as illegitimate as this one, it makes me wonder how many other companies actually rig contests to their advantage. I am sorry to see that ZK's votes were removed from the contest. I'm very sure if John Chow felt the way he did about ZK then there's definitely a good reason for it. Just as Invesp deserves the write up about their rigged contest!

I know when I hold contests on my blog I do not play favorites. Sure, I have friends and family members enter some of the contests I host, but they get the same treatment as the rest of my readers and are placed into a random drawing program that selects the winner. I know I would not want to be cheated out of any contest I enter! And it's a damn shame that Invesp would stoop so low!