December 11, 2009

Mother Nature VS. Fat Burners

As I've mentioned many times before, I'm not a fat of diet pills, fat burners, or any name they may call themselves. These types of pills contain chemicals which are extremely harmful to our bodies. In fact, they can do more damage to our bodies than fattening foods can.

Mother Nature never intended for us to put anything unnatural in our body. Yet man has taken much of what Mother Nature has to offer and turned it into a scientific experiment. Now I'm not against an antibiotic when it's absolutely necessary to fight off infections in our body, but fat burning pills are not necessary.

They're a lazy way of losing weight and in some instances they don't even help. And when they do seem to help it's usually because of the exercise and proper nutrition that these pills insist upon when you take them.

Think about it and I mean really think about it. The reason you want to lose weight is because it's harmful to your body and for some your image. Why take a product that can be even more harmful?