December 18, 2009

I like Twitter But.....

One of the biggest problems I have with twitter is businesses who add you just to be adding you. There's like this competition of who can get the most people on their add list. I mean really, why who I need to add a beauty salon to have my hair done in Washington D.C. when I live in Kansas?
And just how many ways do I need to learn to make money online that simply don't work. And who really wants to weed through all of that just to get to a good conversation with someone.

Cut your list back and weed out those you tend to skip over. It's okay to love some businesses and it's okay to promote stuff, but at least take the time to sit down and let everyone know you're alive as well. Start a conversation with someone about your life, not your business. Ask them about their day and really mean it. Get involved with what they're interested in.

Twitter is so much better when you really enjoy what you're reading. I know lately I've seen a lot of businesses I thought were more than just out to promote that I'm getting ready to drop from my list. I'd much rather follow a few friends than follow thousands of businesses that I generally ignore to get to what my friends have to say. What about you?