December 17, 2009

Cool Ponds.. Ewww Algae...

Year ago when I went to visit my ex-in-law's home in the country, I was introduced to their pride and joy, a pond right in the middle of their front yard. So I thought how very cool and wondered at that time if my then husband and I could do something like that in our own backyard.

But, my hopes were shattered when we quickly learned that in order to keep a pond like that it requires an extreme amount of keeping up with the cleaning. So then I wondered about pond pumps and whether or not they could help with the clean up just a little.

And of course that answer was a no. All that algae is still going to make the pond mucky and even fish won't clean it entirely. Now here I am with a pool in the backyard that loves algae and a cleaning life that just went from okay to constant! LOL Go figure!!!!