December 18, 2009

Bored with Stoney B's Karaoke

For those of you who don't already know, I love to sing so when I learned several months ago that Stoney B's restaurant and bar here in Independence, Ks offered karaoke, I decided to check them out. For a while things were great. I could sit back and listen to everyone sing and get some songs in myself, but lately things have been a whole lot different there.

It used to be that you could sing karaoke and maybe a few dance songs would be played once in a while or at the very end of the night when karaoke was ending. Now it's more like one person gets to sing and about 4 dance songs are played and another person gets to sing and 4 more dance songs are played.

Now for those of you who also don't already know, I'm not a big drinker. It's just never been my thing and I don't like the idea of going out and just getting drunk for the fun of things. I might have a beer or a whine cooler once in a great while, but that's the extent of things. So when I'm sitting around waiting for karaoke with nothing else to do I'm not impressed and apparently neither are a lot of karaokers at Stoney B's lately it seems.

And maybe it's just me but when you offer karaoke, should it be just that? People who go to sing karaoke want to sing. They're generally not interested in dancing all night long and I think that all of the karaokers that hang out at Stoney B's would agree.

I only hope in the future things pick up with the place because if they don't I may move on to another local restaurant here in Independence, KS that does karaoke and I wouldn't be surprised if others decide to do the same.