November 24, 2009

You've Been Warned

You know, refrigerator water filters have never been my thing. If you had one city's water, you've had it all.Or so I thought.

You see I met this man who once told me a story about a little town in Arizona. And though that little town seemed no different than any other small town that waved to anyone and everyone in sight, it had its secrets and that secret was in their water supply.

Now you'd think when I say water supply I'd be talking about the chemicals and organic matter caused by the environment, but I'm not. That town's water is cursed and any woman that drinks it is said to be able to control men, to manipulate them.

Now maybe that don't sound so bad since you'd think it's only happening there, but that man told me they'd started bottling that water and selling it all over the country. I laughed my ass off at first and thought he was talking a lot of bull, until I realized my wife was able to talk me into anything she wants and bosses me around like you wouldn't believe.

So now I'm telling you, keep your women folk away from that town and bottles of water unless you want to be doing work around the house and yard, or putting a water filter in your refrigerator. You've been warned. Good luck.

Disclosure: This is a paid post. It's sponsor is Filtersfast and Payu2blog.