November 17, 2009

Facebook Game Users Be Aware!

This came from family so I know it's true!!!

Tonight (Wednesday Nov 11) on KCTV5 news (Kansas City) there was a story of a scam on Facebook. It is on Farmville and other games and surveys in there. Sometimes it pops up during the game with the question "Do you need more cash" to buy things on the game and then goes to a survey that asks for a cell phone number. You get the fake money to buy more farm critters or zoo animals, but it adds a $9.99 charge to the cell phone bill. They also do this in the cutesy surveys such as "What princess are you like" and other such surveys. If the survey or game asks for your cell phone number at any time, dont enter it. If you have done these surveys or played the games, check your cell phone bill for the charges. There are a few people I am sending this to that have sent me invitations to do some of the surveys. Please check your phone bills for charges. I have heard that the "free" games on the social sites were the largest money making market today. I wondered who would be silly enough to spend money on fake avitar clothes or cartoon farm animals. Now I know how they do it. Only Facebook was mentioned in the news show, but there may be the same thing on My Space and other sites. Keep your cell phone number secret.