November 25, 2009

Due to Health Reasons

If you've read my last post, you probably know by now that I'm all for yard sales and thrift stores. It's a great way to recycle and help our environment and of course a fantastic way to find bargains! Of course I'm also for buying new items when it's obviously a better choice, but there's nothing wrong with gently used items.

One of the things I've been looking for lately is a gently used treadmill. I've really been wanting to get back into shape lately due to my health deteriorating and I fear the only way I can do so is by looking into purchasing some used gym equipment. The two main items of course I wouldn't mind having is a an exercise bike and a treadmill. My husband's wish list is a bowflex.

And while It's not so bad in the summer months to be without gym equipment because I can get out and walk, in the winter months it's certainly more of a struggle. Of course I have DVD's to exercise to, but there's the idea of being embarrassed by my husband as I'm jumping around dancing to the Plus the tv is often being used for games and movies.

So I really would love to find some good exercise equipment to get back into shape and hopefully get my health out of the I've aged 20 years beyond my true age bracket. I certainly need to be doing just that.

Disclosure: This is a paid post and is sponsored by GlobalFitness and Payu2blog.