November 30, 2009

Blogging Away Debt and Why I'm No Longer Following Them

When I first became interested in following blogs, one of the major blogs that I followed was "Blogging Away Debt." At that time it was an awesome blog because the writer would give an inside look at her family's debt and how they were paying it off. It was one of the few blogs that I actually read each and every day in my inbox. I'd even won Quicken from a drawing on one of her posts.

Then when she'd cleared her debt and another writer took over I figured I'd stick around and see what the new writer had to say. As it turns out she didn't have much to say about debt and actually paying it off and that's very disappointing to me. Her posts were more about her worries of catching a virus, staying in shape and so forth.

Now don't get me wrong, I feel for her when it came to some of those issues, but to me, working out has nothing to do with paying off debt as she'd tried to argue in her defense that it was. What I was looking for was details on paying down the debt and how specifically they're doing it. She hasn't been doing that and I fear she never will, so I unsubscribed from the blogging away debt's blog.

And at first I thought I would feel a little guilty, but actually, it's a breath of fresh air and now it's one less daily email that's a waste of space and time in my box. Yeah!