October 14, 2009

Schools Suing Kansas State and More Sponsored Tweets

Saw the headline for our local paper today and it's no surprise that the schools here are suing Kansas State for school funding. While I don't know the entire story, I can imagine there's a problem. People are just plain greedy and it's very sad to see that they have to take advantage of schools just to satisfy their greed. Arrrggggggggggghhh!!!!

Okay, so some positive news at least... It's also not surprising or at least in my own opinion, I'm still raving about sponsored tweets! And I am happy to report that I've had 5 more offers within the last week.

It's really great because all I have to do is wait for a notice from the sponsored tweet by email, log in, approve it and type in a few words then send it back to that company for approval. So far all of my tweets have been approved and I've been paid for every single one of them! Payment only takes a few days, which is awesome! And from what I can tell there is no minimum to cash in your payments. Of course you do need a paypal account.

I'll keep you informed as I continue to get more offers. So far it's obvious that I'm loving this program. In the meantime, feel free to let me know what you think of sponsored tweets if you're a member.