October 27, 2009

Getting to the Church On Time

"Highways are for suckers." Donald said as he turned the RV down a narrow dirt road. He hadn't really wanted to take this road trip in the first place and now that his wife was forcing him to, he was determined to save some cash. There was no way he was going to spend a hundred bucks on toll roads when he could just take a detour.

"Donald. For the sake of our daughter's wedding, get back on the highway." Joan argued with her husband.

"Just look for highway 75 and let me do the driving, woman." He replied.

Shaking her head in irritation, Joan touched the screen on her cell phone and searched for highway 75. They were due to be at the church in less than an hour and she was absolutely certain they would not make it on time.

With a heavy sigh she typed in the highway and hit enter on her keypad. Suddenly, she felt the RV jolt forward with a jerk and watched smoke billow out from under the hood as her husband uttered almost every curse word there was known to man under his breath.

"You should have stayed on the highway." She said not bothering to look up from her cell phone.

"And just what the hell do you know?" Donald asked as he climbed out of his seat and headed for the outside door.

"Why don't we just call someone to come and get us." She said.

"You think roadside service is going to haul away this piece of crap?" He asked angrily.

"www.goodsamers.com will." She said.

"Fine. Whatever." He replied as he opened the door. For a moment she heard him hesitate and then disappear outside. She smiled to herself knowing she'd done her job. She wasn't about to let anyone stop her from making her daughter's wedding on time. Not even her jackass of a husband.

With a wave of her hand, Joan closed the RV's door and started up the engine, then she put it into drive. It was time to get back on the highway and get to that church on time.