October 27, 2009

Five For Fighting Album Review

When I first had the opportunity to review Five For Fighting's newest album "Slice" I had no idea who they really were... that is until I heard the CD. Then it struck me..."Of Course! Smallville song aka "Superman" song!" And what I meant by that is I've heard their song "Superman" on the television show, Smallville. How very cool.

So to sum things up this really got me excited and I couldn't wait to review "Slice" So what's on the album? Well there's:

1. Slice
2. Note To The Unknown Soldier
3. Tuesday
4. Chances
5. This Dance
6. Above The Timberline
7. Transfer
8. Hope
9. Story Of Your Life
10. Love Can't Change The Weather
11. Augie Nieto

Now to be quite honest there were a few songs that I was not absolutely in love with. One of them being Story of Your Life. The music reminded me too much of a western saloon sort of thing. You know the background music they play as the cowboy is walking into the saloon? Yep, that'd be it. However, there were a few songs on the album that I really enjoyed and Slice was one of them. Of course their music tone hasn't changed much which is nice compared to some other bands who went from country to rock and vice versa. The music is sweet and smooth. easy listening for even the older Generation who may have complained in the past about "That rock and roll."

So no, you won't hear any hard rowdy music that's painful to your hears on this album or I imagine from this band. If you want to see for yourself what Five For Fighting's music is all about why not check out some of their videos.

Or if you want to know more about the band, their on facebook. And if you're already a fan and you want to keep up with their latest concerts and music, you can follow them on twitter or show them you're a fan by posting their widget on your website or blog.

Yep, so it seems Five For Fighting is all over the web and I can certainly understand why. In my opinion, this album is definitely a keeper and worth buying for yourself or for that favorite fan during the Xmas holiday!