October 24, 2009

Evil Toy Machines

For most parents, those little gumball and toy machines are just an expensively cheap toy annoyance that we give into from time to time. But before you hand over those quarters the next time your child begs for one of those toys, stop and take notice and I mean really take notice of what's in those machines.

Not too long ago my husband (who gets just as excited about those toys as the kids)and I actually made a shocking discovery of a little miniature rubber duck that had the anarchy symbol proudly painted on his belly.

At first we thought our eyes were playing tricks on us. After all, how can one of those toy machines not be innocent, right? But there it was right in plain view being displayed as an enticement to a child to try this machine.

I'm really not even sure how the manufacturers of those particular toys could even be allowed to make such a negative an evil toy, but there it was! A tiny what was once innocent child's toy wearing an anarchy symbol!

So I'm thinking the next time we head out and about, I'll grab my camera and snap a picture if I can, but in the mean time, please make sure you know what your child is spending those quarters on before the damage is done!