September 23, 2009

Thank you

Lately I've been getting some positive feedback from readers who've been reading my short intro stories. I want to thank everyone for leaving the feedback. One of the main questions that always comes up is, will I post the rest of the story?

In answer to that question, with most of the intro stories I do, I write them without ever really intending to continue any further. Most of them are just a simple intro that in my opinion wouldn't be worth turning into anything more than that.

However, there are a few intros I've written that turned out really well -enough to continue the story and possibly even publish in the future. So what I've decided to do is work those stories that do get positive feedback from my readers into something more. A few will be, "Shall We Dance" and "Until Now."

On a sidetracked note: Ironically the stories that do seem to get the most attention are sci-fi and paranormal. These are areas I'd never intended to write about, but decided I just had to for one reason or another. So apparently the areas I'm not fond of are the ones I am best at. HA HA.

Again, I owe a thank you to my readers for their feedback. So of course, thank you!