September 23, 2009

the state at it's best

There are some days when I'm like a doormat and tend to let people step all over me. Yesterday wasn't one of them. It's taken a few years, but my husband finally decided it was time to head back to school, thanks to the encouragement of an old friend and co-worker of his.

It's been a little over 4 weeks now and he's stuck with his decision and has been attending his classes faithfully. Yesterday he needed to pick up his books for his next class, so we headed out to the college to do just that. To our surprise we were told his application for a program from our local job service to help fund his classes had yet to be received. So the college called job service who then told him they needed to see him immediately.

So we dropped by our local job service office only to be yelled at (yes she really did yell) by an employee of the office, stating that she'd never even heard of my husband and accusing him of not even being registered with the office. My husband was speechless, so I pointed out yes he had registered and so did the office's secretary. I mean heck, she's seen us more times than we can count and knows exactly who he is. Still the other employee kept insisting it didn't matter because my husband wasn't registered and she actually told him he'd better drop that class immediately because they were not going to help him whatsoever.

After one heck of a big battle, we learned that all of the files that were on my husband were shredded not even a month after he'd been registered with them. Of course I'm a very cautious person and when I heard this bit of information, warning signals went up and as we left the office I told my husband something was not right.

So we went home and found the paperwork that showed him as being registered and took it back to job service. The employee who had yelled at us was not there, so my husband talked to the secretary who admitted that the paperwork they'd shredded was a big no-no and very illegal and he had indeed been registered. Of course she couldn't argue since we had the proof. Still, the damage was done and because of it, it could possibly affect my husband's history credit among other things and my husband is still being blamed.

But what really irks me and it was quite obvious, because my husband has long hair and looks like a mountain man, the employee automatically assumed we were trouble and we were liars and helping us wasn't on her to do list. Now as of right now I told my husband that he should take the illegal shredding and way he was treated to the top of the food chain. But my husband is a little more lenient on the entire situation and doesn't want to start trouble.

His teacher is getting him a pell grant instead which will cover classes, thankfully since we couldn't afford it otherwise. But since job service did shred all of his info and considers him as non-registered for job hunting, will it affect unemployment and his credit and work history? Knowing me I'll find out soon enough because when I'm determined I'm determined, but as far as taking it up with the big bosses, that is my husband's decision and I'll have to leave it as that.

But in my opinion, job service needs to sit down with their employees and fire those that have a habit of judging a book by it's cover. After all, the services offered are suppose to help those who need it. That means everyone. Not just those they decide are worthy of their help. For now this doormat is done being stepped all over.