September 25, 2009

More Old School Stuff

He was gone, somewhere inside of the underground club and she didn’t even know why. The one man who loved her, who she loved and he was gone. Allie frowned as she got out of the car. She wasn't about to just let him walk out of her life.

The place looked deserted from the distance, but people ducked in and out of the warehouse as Allie approached it. Allie slipped inside the crowded building and wondered why there were stacks of moving boxes all over the place.

There were people dancing on the upper level while others sat in booths watching and she suddenly realized she had no idea where to look for him.

“Alley Cat isn’t it?” A deep voice asked. Allie cringed at those words as a tall dark blond suddenly stood face to face with her turned to face a tall dark blond who was trying to hand her a drink.

“No thank you.” She said pushing the glass away.

“Oh come on I don’t bite.” He laughed pushing the drink her way again.

“I’m sorry. No.” She said this time with a little more anger in her voice.

“So Andy wasn't lying when he said you were a bitch.” The man laughed. Allie cringed and tried to walk past him.

"I don't think so." He said stepping in front of her.