September 17, 2009

The Mission

The box cutter lay on the floor, it's blade gleaming at Kara as it to taunt her. Kara bent down and picked it up with a shaky hand.

"What are you doing?" Kara froze at shrilling voice of her boss.

"I found this on the floor." She revealed the cutting tool in her hand as he rapped his fingers against the clipboard he held in front of him.

"Umm Hmm" Her boss nodded and then turned his attention back to his work. Kara breathed a sigh of relief and placed the tool on her cart. Whoever had lost the cutting tool was long gone by now and she just had way too much work to do to be concerned about its owner.

Kara hurried down the isle and began stowing the books away, oblivious to everything and everyone around her, even the ghostly shadow of a man that appeared to walk through the shelves and follow her down the isle. He had a mission. He needed to retrieve that blade, the very same blade that had ended his life 14 years ago.