September 18, 2009

Just One of Those Dreams

A lot of my story ideas come from dreams that I have. Many of them aren't worth putting onto paper, but I write them down anyway. Not every dream is a nightmare, but there's always something weird going on. Like for instance this dream I had written down:

There is a man standing in front of a homeless tent holding a woman who looks torn up and really drunk. She's passed out. He stares at the tent as the woman slowly wakes up confused as to where she is. Inside the tent is what sounds like a couple having sex. The woman is laughing, having fun. The drunk woman looks slowly at the tent her eyes in terror and then she looks at the man who looks only at her for a second, not expression on his face and then turns his attention back to the tent. The laughter from the woman suddenly stops and she begins to scream and struggle in the tent.

Another dream I had:

There is an all you can eat buffet which runs out of specific food, two guys must get more. One of them is the owner who is friends with a person from the group that came in. A girl from the group talks to him about credit card orders and just holding the card until they are done. The owner says he doesn't like changing things. The problem is the owner had said before is there is a guy that comes in just before closing and eats everything offered on the buffet. He then wants more,
but he always pays in cash and never has enough money. The owner always tells him he cannot come in if he doesn't have a credit card.

Weird huh? Those are just a few dreams I've had and written down. What do you think?