September 13, 2009

It's All Natural Baby

Last year I discovered that our hardware store carries Burts Bee's products. Yes, a hardware store! Because I am a big fan of all natural ingredients I decided to try their lip balm and ended up loving it.

Well, just recently I learned that a local drugstore of ours now carries an entire line of their products, including an all natural body lotion. While I haven't been able to purchase another product of theirs, I figure one of these days I will because I'm all for a beauty care line that isn't chocked full in chemicals.

It took me months of continuous research for one of the company's that I work for to learn how bad chemicals and artificial ingredients can be and how easily we absorb them every day in our foods and beauty routine. Actually, it's not just bad it's pretty darn scary. So I've paid closer attention to what I eat and what I wear thanks to that research. And while I understand it's not something everyone will want to do, I hope that in some small way my readers will at the very least take notice of all of the chemicals and artificial ingredients in their own lives and at the very most, cherish what mother nature has given us even more.