September 2, 2009

Has Scour Gone Sour?

Well folks, it looks like the search program Scour, may have gone sour. As I've noted in previous posts this new search engine allows you to search online and make points for a free Visa Gift Card. So far as of today I have 772, but I haven't did much searching lately. However, at the time I was testing it's waters and still am. Still, now it looks like the program may have just skipped out on it's promises, leaving those who are accumulating points nothing but false hopes.

My points have disappeared in the upper right-hand corner and so far there's nothing about why and any increase in points when I do search. However, they do have referral links and banners still up. Hmmm. I'll keep you posted when I know more, but until then, don't bother signing up for this program unless you don't mind wasting your time or you think Scour's search engine is great on its own.