September 30, 2009

The Effects of Chemicals

Sometimes when you get an assignment it takes you on a different route than you had originally planned. I've more than my fair share of re-routing things and today seems to be one of those times. First, I started off with a bad headache when I woke up this morning. Generally I drink tea for breakfast (usually the herbal kind), but since the kiddos have been getting out early from school lately, I made coffee for the hubby instead and skipped my pot of tea.

Well, I'm guessing there is enough caffeine in my morning tea to keep my headaches at bay. Usually I have tea at night too, right before bedtime. Last night it didn't happen because the hubby was not too happy about me getting free ice cream and not having money to get him any ice cream. Yes, he certainly can be a pain in the neck at times. So I skipped eating the ice cream and he finished off my pot of tea.

Now today here I am trying to kill this headache that has turned worse. I took some medication for it, but so far the results have been zero. Of course you may be wondering just why the hell am I online if I have this bad of a headache and it's because I have work due today, no choice.

So now that I'm getting sidetracked this brings me to another story that makes me wonder about chemicals and their effects. I've been doing a lot of research on the effects of vitamins that are man-made. They're full if chemicals which aren't good for us. My father-in-law used to give his dog pet supplements and now I'm very sure they can have the same negative effects on animals as they do on humans.

Now I do know that animals don't always have the same health issues as we humans do, but I would be very leery of giving my pets vitamins that are man-made. However, if you find one that is organic with all natural ingredients I think it would be a better choice.

And as far as I know my father-in-law doesn't give his dog vitamins anymore, so I'm glad. Of course then again I really don't know if those vitamins were chemical induced or made from Mother Nature.