September 23, 2009


The taxi cab pulled to a sudden stop, bringing Clara back to reality. They were finally at the Miami hotel and from the looks of it, just in time too. She knew the city was one of the biggest hot spots during spring break, but this was just crazy.

"Twenty four-seventy-five, ma'am." The taxi cab driver said. Clara leaned forward and handed the cab driver a twenty and ten dollar bill she'd been holding in her hand the entire ride.

"Keep the change." The cab driver nodded as he watched her grab her bags and exit his cab. From the looks of things it would be at least an hour before she could check in at the front desk. Clara sighed and pushed her way through the massive crowd hoping to find a secluded spot where she could wait things out. Instead, she found her cousin who she thought wouldn't be arriving until tomorrow, mingling at the bar.

Donnie waved at her as she made her way through to where he stood with a drink in hand. "Hello cuz." He said raising his glass her way.

"I thought you weren't arriving until tomorrow." Clara said.

"Seems my contract ended sooner than expected." He said.

"Ohh?" But before her cousin could respond, a loud pop followed by screams filled the air.

"Shit, get down!" Clara found herself being shoved down to the ground by her cousin as hundreds of panicking faces joined her. Another loud pop and more screams filled the air and then suddenly they were surrounded in total darkness.

"Clara, you alright?" Her cousin asked her.

"Yes." She managed while suddenly wondering why she'd let her cousin talk her into this trip in the first place. It was just her luck that disaster seemed to follow her every time she left her apartment.

"Okay don't move." He said. And just where did he expect her to go when they were surrounded by darkness? She could barely see when the lights were on, so she certainly wasn't going to try to move through hundreds of bodies and give them an excuse to trample her to death. No way. She'd stay right where she was at, thank you very much. Little did she know how wrong she was about to be.