September 13, 2009


A few months ago I found out my father has cancer. At that time we also learned that if he didn't do radiation treatments immediately, the cancer would become terminal. So his doctor sent him to another doctor who told him he couldn't do it because the cancer was right next to his eye, making it an almost impossible task. So he sent him to another doctor and told him he might have to have surgery and lose that eye. For those of you who don't already know, his eye where the cancer is next to is his good eye. His other eye he is already blind in.

It ended up that he wouldn't have to have the surgery because the cancer treatment center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma agreed to do the radiation. So far today they have done 10 treatments and believe that the radiation has removed the cancer. Tomorrow he goes for a final check up to see if he gets a clean bill of health.

I'm honestly not sure how things will turn out. Every time that I've talked to him he says if he yawns he's in severe pain. And every morning when he wakes up that eye is completely swollen shut. The area where they removed the cancer looks infected and even the barber refused to cut his hair because of it. So tomorrow I'll know more, but until then it's a waiting game, one that no one likes to play.