September 18, 2009

Another Part of the ID

She closed her eyes and choked back a sob. He might not find her here, but he knew where she lived and if her Uncle had anything to say about it, it would be her dental implants Plano the police would need to identify her by, not Andy's.

“Fine you stupid bitch, your parents will hear from me!” His footsteps faded. He was gone. The heavy breathing continued. Allie panicked. Someone else was in the room with her.

Backing against the wall Allie froze in terror. Something familiar pressed against her. It was a light switch. She could risk it or feel her way to the door again and pray to god she didn’t bump into whoever was in the room with her. Before she could change her mind, she found herself reaching for the light switch.

Deep blue eyes stared back at her. Their owner, the guy she had seen earlier dressed in jeans and the black leather jacket leaned against a sink and smiled weakly.

“Oh my god! you’re hurt.” Allie sucked in a breath staring in disbelief. His tee-shirt was soaked in a dark red stain. Blood. His jacket lay in the floor beside him.

“Hey sweetheart most people know the meaning of knock before you enter.” He said.