September 18, 2009


I think it's honestly time the DMV does something more about dangerous drivers. It's been twice in less than a year that an elderly driver has caused an accident and almost seriously hurt someone.

Now I am not saying that it's just the elderly or that all of our elderly should not have licenses, but when you're endangering the lives of others, you really should not be driving.

Several months ago as my husband and I were leaving Braum's parking lot, an elderly gentlemen forgot to look behind him as he was backing out. Not only did he forget to look, he continued to back out even though our truck was preventing him from moving as he continued to push it out of the way. Even worse was the fact that he could not hear us as my husband got out of the truck to let him know what was happening. It took 5 good hard knocks on the elderly gentleman's window and nearly hitting my husband with his car before the gentlemen realized my husband was even there.

Today we wittnessed an elderly lady sit in the path of traffic trying to decide what to do when there was a line of cars behind her waiting for her to decide. Then we watched her inch forward and the next thing we knew she was gunning the gas pedal and jumping over a the curb and slamming into the fence of McDonald's parking lot. Luckily no one was hurt.

I understand that accidents do happen, but what worries me is when it's caused by the pride of someone who believes their freedom will be taken away if they cannot drive or they believe they are invincible on the road and have every right to do what they please. I remember the horrific accident that happened when we first moved to our home. The man was speeding and wasn't wearing a helmet on his bike. He died from his injuries and while it was a very sad loss, I often wonder why he was stubborn enough not to wear a helmet and why he was speeding when he knew the laws.