August 31, 2009

We're Not Made of Money, We Budget!

When people think we have money to spare they're wrong. With the economy we've had to cut a lot of costs too. This week we didn't get groceries, but we didn't need them. We had groceries left from last week and my husband's cousin offered to buy us groceries in exchange for storing some food in the freezer and a shower.

Today he came buy and dropped off two very large watermelons (from a farmer he worked for) in exchange for doing some laundry for him. While the watermelons aren't exactly a food necessity, they are a treat the kids will enjoy, so it makes them worthwhile.

Other things we're able to enjoy are freebies like Lipton tea, yogurt, cereal and Starbucks coffee and ice cream. This happens because of contests I enter, reviews I write or simple surveys that I fill out online.

I also don't always make meat the main meal for dinner. While we do include it, more veggies and fruits are included as well as grains. And we try new things like cow's tongue, emu meat, lemon cucumbers and white eggplants. And aside from the cow's tongue, we shopped for the rest at our local farmer's market which runs on Thursdays and Saturdays. We can save a bundle that way and I mean a bundle. I managed to spend a whopping 50 cents for two very healthy veggie lunches.

On weekends we spend our days doing free activities like hiking, fishing and even singing. It's amazing how much fun kids can have without having to turn on the television!!! However, we do allow for at least one movie on the weekends that the entire family can enjoy. We borrow a movie for free at our local library or we rent one for $1.08 from our local Redbox.

It's not hard to enjoy life even when you don't have a lot of money. It's just all in the budget.