August 1, 2009


Katheren shivered as the rain fell down hard and fast and then darkness crept all around. How the hell could she have been so stupid. How the hell could she have let Laurie talk her into going to NYC alone. It was suppose to have just been a weekend trip to experience the finer side of NYC, Katheren had yet to discover. She would have been better off going rv camping with her family.

But now, after three train rides and a taxi cab driver who refused to go any further than 21st after dusk, the trip had suddenly turned into a nightmare leaving Katheren stranded in a part of the city even the roughest criminals refused to be in.

"Damn Laurie." Another shiver jolted through her body only this time it had been from pure fear, not the cold damp rain. And then she stopped.

What was that? Had that shadow just moved? It couldn't have. She was alone. There was no one else there. Was there? She screamed.