August 1, 2009

NYC -Two

The Sylvania lightbulbs danced in the shadows on the pole as the vampire stood nearby.He watched the girl shiver from the rain and wondered if the rain was the only reason she did so.

He knew he could not be weak at a time like this if he were to gain his brother's trust. He watched the girl freeze and then scream as a dog jumped out in front of her barking furiously as his owner tugged at his leash.

He could hear the owner warn the girl of the dangers lurking on the streets over and over again as he moved on. "Fool girl."

Now was the time he decided and before he could change his mind he jumped out of the shadows and into the girl's path. She screamed and took a step back as he bared his fangs. He had expected that, but what he didn't expect was the terror, yet curiosity in her eyes that followed. And then he smelled them. His brother and the rest were close by. They had been watching and waiting all along. Good. He thought as he advanced on the girl. Let them watch. She was his prized possession and he was not about to share her with anyone else.

But out of the darkness he sees his brother and something in Adrienne changes as he grabs the girl and puts himself in front of her. "Move little brother." He took a step back, pushing the girl with him as Kage lunged for them both.

"No." He knew the single word was not enough to stop him and he knew that he would need something more to prevent the girl's death.