August 23, 2009

McDonalds -I'm Hating It

Since when is a salad unhealthy? Apparently since McDonald's created them that way. Of course I'm very sure McDonald's isn't the only culprit who's misleading the public and trying to kill us. Then again, we tend to do it to ourselves since we know what's good for us and what's not. We have choices and we don't have to consume fast food. But, when a fast food restaurant deliberately misleads it's consumers, it's a problem.

The salad in question is their fruit and walnut salad. Now when we think of fruit and walnuts, it seems healthy and McDonald's has dubbed it in the past as being so. But the moment I got my salad, I knew something just wasn't right. There was yogurt which is not a big deal even with the sugar it contains since it wasn't really sweet at all, but the walnuts were coated in sugar honey and syrup! Candied walnuts! Come on, candied walnuts in a salad??? How is that suppose to be healthy!

And then my husband pointed something else out. Someone had biggie sized fries. Even he was questioning things because as far as we knew that was suppose to be dropped from their menu. I guess they dropped it but decided to keep it if a customer asked. Anything to make a buck in this economy. Put sugar in everything, so we're addicted and can't get off of it and lie to us. That's a great way to gain a customer's trust! Way to go McDonald's, you suck again and a million people are wrong!