August 6, 2009

Chivalery After Dark

When we see a police officer parked along the side of the road, more often than not we assume that someone got pulled over for speeding, but tonight outside of the city, I assumed and made an ass out of myself.

What I thought was a routine traffic stop, thanks to those familiar red and blue flashing lights, actually turned out to be a police officer down on his hands and knees after dark on a very bad side of the city, changing an elderly lady's flat tire.

On any ordinary day, he's the bad guy out to make our lives miserable, but tonight he was an elderly lady's knight in shining armor, a hero.

All too often we're in a hurry to get somewhere and when we push the boundaries we blame others for our own actions. Then when it's not us getting caught we laugh at those who do.

So, the next time you assume, maybe you should stop and think before you make an ass out of yourself, like I did. After all, you never know when you just might need a hero of your very own!