July 24, 2009

When Bosses Get Even

You never know when, who or what is going to strike your PS3 or Playstation 3 files and I certainly was never expecting it to happen to me.

It suddenly dawned on me that something was amidst. What was working a few minutes ago was now down. Prior to this I'd had an argument with my boss after several painstaking days of finalizing a report for the company. Needless to say she was not impressed with my final product and without an explanation, she fired me.

However I was not satisfied because I know my work and I know it well. So I went to her and after questioning her reasons for firing me, my boss stormed out of her office leaving me wandering for answers. So I went back to my own office and tried to send her an email. To talk some sense into her, but before I was able to type my message, I realized my playstation 3 files had suddenly stopped working. All of them! So I decided to try another approach and needless to say I discovered the worst possible scenario to ever happen -my boss had given me a virus!

This brilliant woman who I thought was god's gift to the business universe had hacked my PS3 and given me a virus! And now she was on my most wanted list. So I wondered how could she do this to me. And then I found out why. It took me nearly 11 years, but I did my research, I dug deep and found her true identify. That day I had put her on my most wanted list. Ohh, she was most wanted indeed. She was a part of a secret government agency that hires people like me to create information which was put to use by assassins who work through computers and through gaming systems.

I'd gotten too close to discovering the truth 11 years ago, so as a result, she'd fired me. But here I am standing at her doorstep, about to ring her doorbell and tell her that I know the truth. Then I'll tell her who I really am.