July 17, 2009

A Walking Zombie

This week will be an even busier week than before. When I came back from visiting a friend I had a lot of new articles waiting for me and I mean a lot.lol. Of course it's a little extra money, but not a lot. Still, money is money because after talking to a friend, I realized it's now or never on doing the things that I want to do in life (with the kids, work, traveling, etc.). And she's right. You only get once chance to live your life and if you're not living it now you're just another walking zombie in this world.

Usually our excuses for not doing what we love are no time or no money. At least those are mine. I don't have forever to live, no one does. So I decided it's time I block those no time or money thoughts and just start doing it.

Now I'm not going into details (I will when I'm doing those things), because there are some people in my life that are just so damn negative about everything and I'm not willing to hear negativity. It's not their life, so why ruin it for people. Okay so I can understand if you're doing something illegal or damaging your health, etc. But I'm not, so there's no reason to get all bitchy and moany on me. Just get over it, please! Time to fast forward, love life and live it. Ready to join me? Just raise your hand, say yes and follow me!!!!