July 24, 2009

Secret Shopping

"Are these the best diet pills you have for sale?" The plump girl with red hair showed the pharmacist a box she had picked up from the shelf.

"I believe so." He replied without looking up. "Are you sure?" She asked him again. The pharmacist looked up from his work and at the girl who was pestering him about a question he really had no time for. Diet pills weren't a real drug. It wasn't his business.

"Yes." He finally told her.

He watched the girl let out a heavy sigh and then she said, "Thank You. My boyfriend wants me to lose weight or he's going to dump me. And I don't think I could take that, ya know?"

The pharmacist frowned. Why on earth would she be revealing her personal life to him. He had more important things to do than to listen to her chatter on about her life.

"Well, thank you." She said with a slight smile.

"Yep." He replied and then went back to his work.

He watched the girl walk away with the pills in hand and smiled. Silly broad. Didn't she know that he had a more important duty than to answer some silly question like that. He looked back down at his work until he heard footsteps approach and someone clear there voice. When he looked up he smiled. It was his boss, Mr. Conklin.

"What can I do for you sir?" The pharmacist asked him.

"I need to speak with you in my office immediately." His boss replied.

The pharmacist nodded and closed the pharmacy window which told customers he was not available. Then he followed his boss into his office and waited nervously. If Mr. Conklin was calling him into his office it usually meant there was a problem. He suddenly wondered if he filled an order incorrectly or if he'd forgot to put paperwork in someone's order.

" We had a secret shopper in our store today." Mr. Conklin began. "She just reported her findings about our pharmacy department."

The pharmacist swallowed the lump that had just formed in his throat.

"The obvious reason I called you in here Rick is because you lack customer service skills. This is a small town and the only pharmacy we have in this town. I can't have its reputation ruined, so I'm sorry to say, but I'm going to have to let you go."

Rick nodded unsure what to say. He'd never considered the idea that some chunky girl could have such an important role in his career. A secret shopper? No way! No way!

"I'll let you finish out this work day. I wish you the best of luck in your future." His boss was saying, but Rick wasn't really listen, despite his nod. He was wondering just how the hell some girl could get him fired so easily. How she could ruin his career. A career he'd worked so damn hard on. There would be hell to pay. Oh yes, there would be hell to pay!