July 4, 2009


He walked carefully in his MBT shoes, his steps as silent as a ninja creeping up on his enemy. He knew the consequences if he was to get caught, but she mattered to him. She always did and he couldn't stand to watch her get hurt by him.

His best friend was an asshole, always putting her down and walking away from her when she tried to get closer. How could he not see her for who she truly was? How could he ignore her when she gave much more than she asked.

He watched and listened to the conversation that was still taking place. "I want you to listen to me." He heard his best friend say.
"Okay." She replied her head hung down like a dog being shamed by his master.

"I don't give a damn if your whole damn body is in severe pain. You are to stay out of my aspirin. It's mine not yours!" He watched his best friend's annoyance suddenly turn to anger and he feared for her.
"I'm sorry." He could hear the pain in her voice. Suddenly his stomach dropped as he watched his best friend draw back a fist. And then he was running towards them in fear praying he would make it before that fist made contact. Praying he wouldn't kill the man he'd known since childhood because if he did he'd make damn sure they'd never find the body.