July 19, 2009


“More coffee Katie Scott?”

Katie turned toward the roboserver and shook her head. “No thank you.”

“Very well.” The roboserver acknowledged then moved on to the table behind her.

She was such a klutz. This would be the second shirt in less than a week that would end up in the rag pile as a result of her clumsiness. Katie let out a sigh and continued to blot up the coffee on her shirt with a napkin. She couldn’t afford another new shirt. A silly thought ran through her head. Maybe she should just give up drinking all together. No more coffee, soda, tea, no more ruined shirts.

An alert bulletin above Katie scrolled across the LCD TV screen causing her to stop and take notice. It couldn't be.

A chill ran down her spine as she read the alert aloud. "5 hours ago at about 1am this morning a young woman was discovered raped and murdered inside her home. At approximately 2:19am this morning two other women were discovered raped and murdered 4 blocks away. The suspect is said to be wearing a navy blue shirt and black pants. No information is available as to who the suspect is just yet."

Katie swallowed her fear and stared as the bulletin scrolled across the screen once more. She knew exactly who the suspect was. He'd sworn he'd find a way to remove the chip and then he'd when he did, he said he'd be back for her. She knew because she'd sent him away. her own twin brother, she'd sent him away and now he was back, sending her a message, looking for her.