July 24, 2009

My Biggest Fear

About a month ago our AC unit went out. Due to lack of funds we haven't been able to get it fixed. So to keep the house cool we've been running fans and we borrowed my father-in-law's little window AC unit. While it doesn't keep the house as cool as our central AC unit did, it does keep it cool enough that we're not going to sweat to death.lol

When we started running the window unit and fans constantly my biggest fear was our electric bill. Even when when our central AC unit was working, it was never constantly running and our bill in the summer would go as high as $200. That's a lot when you're on a budget.

So when the electric bill arrived, I cringed because I'm responsible for paying the bills in this household. With all of the recent bad luck (I swear we broke a mirror somewhere)I feared I wouldn't be able to pay it and imagined the charges would be well into the $300 or more range.

Well, as it turned out, the electric bill was surprisingly only $106. So one of my biggest stresses for the past few weeks has now been demolished! Okay, time to get off my happy high horse and get back to real life, but I just thought I'd share some awesome news for once!