July 24, 2009

Missing Hair Products

After doing a little cleaning last night I'm a bit irked. I found that 3 of my hair tools are now missing. People are in and out of this house very seldom, so I have a good idea of where they walked off to. It's happened in the past, so it certainly would not be a first.

The only problem is, confronting that person may cause more problems than we really need right now. I think that's why the hubby kept asking, are you sure you just didn't move them. I'm very sure, but to reassure him, I'll be checking the rest of the house in case someone else moved them. I'd planned on doing that in the first place. And it might not be such a big loss, but the hair iron was a top of the line hair iron and if those items were stolen, there's no telling what else will come up missing next. sigh.