July 23, 2009


"Marley, it says here that this website has Betastax reviews. Maybe it would be a good idea to check it out before you think about getting some fat burning pill." Marley's husband said. "I mean really hun, I don't want you to make a wrong choice."

Marley stared at the computer screen and watched the webpages jump from one page to the next. It was as if she was scanning the pages, but the problem was she wasn't anywhere near her computer. Marley inched closer to the screen and read the website's name aloud. "Fat Burner." She backed away from the screen and closed her eyes. Her eyes had to be playing tricks on her. She'd been considering a fat burning pill for a while now. She wanted to lose some weight and she hated the thought of giving up her favorite snacks and exercising. So a fat burning pill seemed like her only option.

But now as she continued to stare at the webpages, she suddenly wondered if there wasn't something more. She'd never really believed in spirits, but how else could she explain what was happening right before her eyes. Was someone trying to tell her something?

Marley closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her husband had been gone for almost a year now. He'd been driving home from work when he lost control of his car on a patch of ice and slid off the Riverston Bridge. She missed him so. She smiled as she remembered how he would always whistle at her outfits when they went out to dinner. And how he would always hold her hand and tell her how beautiful she was.

Now she suddenly wondered, could it be him? Could he be sending her some sort of message? She smiled at that thought and sat down in front of her computer. If this was happening then maybe she'd better take a look. She clicked on the link to the reviews and began reading the article. Over her shoulder, Marley's husband smiled.