July 20, 2009

The Journal

She'd purchased Amazon books many times before, so today was no different. The online website BUY had thousands of books on any subject imaginable, although books on the Amazon were here favorite. There wasn't a topic she hadn't read, a story she hadn't seen, words that hadn't crossed her lips.

So, when she logged into her account she was surprised to see the old journal load on her computer screen. It wasn't that it was so unusual to see a book, it was just odd to see an old one because BUY primarily dealt in new items.

But the old journal opened and she suddenly found herself staring at pages that were slowly beginning to glow right before her eyes. What the hell? She stared as the journal's pages pulsated faster and faster until a sudden bright light flashed across the screen. And then, she saw the words. Words that seemed to just float off of the page and suspend in midair before her.

For a moment it was as if time had stood and then the words were gone and when she looked back at her computer screen, she realized the journal was gone as well. And in that same moment she considered the idea that it was all a dream. Just a freaky dream because she loved books so much. And maybe it would have been a perfect dream until she saw the old journal lying on her desk, it's pages slowly beginning to glow.