July 20, 2009

The ID

"What the hell are those?" She asked over the noise of the rave music.

"They're called netbooks." He said.

"Okay, so why so many of them?" She asked.

"Couldn't tell you that. Bottle, babe?" He asked as he held out a beer to her.
“No, and I’m not your babe.” he shrugged and then walked away. She was glad the creep was gone. She would never understand why her parents insisted on making her go out with him. Pizza and a movie. Ha!

Now that she had a chance to be alone she was able to really observe the place he had taken her to and realized that the building was some kind of upper and lower level underground club. The walls were painted black with red lighting for the background she noted.

“Soda?” The creep was back and shoving a paper cup at her now. She hesitated, but took the drink anyway. “How about we mingle?” He asked her.

“No thanks.” She took a drink of the soda and he laughed.

“Something funny?” She asked him.

“No, nothing at all.” He said. Swallowing the rest of the soda Allie yawned and focused on a guy dressed in jeans and a black leather jacket across the room. It was obvious he wasn’t their age. He was older, twenty maybe if not older and she wondered what he was doing here. She suddenly realized he'd turned her way and was staring at her as if he knew she'd been watching him, a dark curl brushed past his shoulder.

She smiled at him, but instead of smiling back at her he frowned and then turned away. Allie yawned once more suddenly feeling very tired. So much for trying to be nice. She thought. It was the last thing she remembered before slouching to the floor.