July 26, 2009

The ID -Three

“Going for pizza and a movie, sir.” Andy Philips grinned at Allie Trenton’s foster parents. They nodded in approval to his boyish charm and good looks as they saw it. To Allie he was an overweight college slob too horny for his own good. She wasn’t thrilled with the choice they had made. Something suggested from a neighbor, his aunt just down the street. She was never allowed to choose her own dates or even friends. One of her parents many rules.

They were strict only because they wanted her money. She had been in their foster care since birth, Allie’s birth parents had given her up, never to be heard from again. Allie‘s foster father was a orange nj dentist, one of the very few left in the city. Unfortunately that also meant he overcharged many of his clients because he knew they couldn't afford to drive to another city.

Her foster mother stayed at home spending her days in front of the television watching soap operas and drinking wine. She also knew everyone's business in the neighborhood and made sure that everyone knew that she knew it.

“Be back here by nine.” Her foster mother called after them.

Andy smiled and waved to them until they were gone and then turned to Allie. “Well now, aren’t they just the happy couple.” He laughed.

“Greedy that’s all.” She said.

“So we’re off to party.” He grinned.

“I thought it was pizza and a movie?” She said. He was a nervous driver as his hands shook on the steering wheel she noted.

“Hot babes, a few brewskies and a lot of friends. I’m a real popular man.” Wondering if he was the laugh of the party she put on her best smile and prayed the rest of the night would end quickly.