July 14, 2009

Household Goods

When it comes to stress and household goods, I'm beginning to think less is more in this household. I grew up with a mother and father who are both pack rats. My father's garage is filled with junk that he decides he has to take with him every time they move, which used to be quite often.

My mother on the other hand has their home filled wall to wall with knick knacks and pictures from magazines. Her kitchen drawers are stuffed with never used straws and silverware that she rewashes with every use. She has coupons that date back to the early 70's with no expiration date!

In a sense she's saving the environment, but at the same time she must clean on a weekly basis every knick knack and paper clippings, etc. Of course she never complains, but in a way I am not my mother.

I've grown tired of having to wash every dish in the house because the family refuse to pick up after themselves. So I started putting away all of the dishes, for good. We are now down to a few plates, cups, bowels and silverware, which means I'm no longer washing a piled sink full of dishes every 30 minutes.

A few days ago my sister mentioned that we need a dishwasher. Of course, what a great idea! But do we have $200 for a dishwasher? Not, me, myself or I. So that will have to wait! For now I will continue weeding things out of this house and hopefully someday I'll wave goodbye to my stress as it walks right out the front door.