June 6, 2009

Summer Clothing

My 12 year old wants to be either a treasure hunter or an archeologist when he grows up. I think that's awesome. So, over the weekend we hit up a few yards sales so he could find a few treasures to get him started. I also needed to hit sales because all of the kiddos needed clothing.

When my 12 and 7 year old came down I thought they had a week's worth of clothing, but learned differently. So I went ahead and bought them some more summer things. My step-daughter who is almost 9 has apparently hit a growth spurt. She went from just recently wearing size 10's and 12's to wearing 14's and 16's. And then I found a few winter things my step-son who is 7, could use. Plus, I found t-shirts for the hubby, so everyone is set!