June 26, 2009

Online Jobs and Those Get Rich Scams

I wonder, how many online users click on those ads that say, Real Job Opportunity Online. Make Money At Home. I know not all of them are bogus ads, but how do you tell what's real and what's not.

As a freelance writer I've learned a lot about online marketing opportunities. If they say make millions in a month, week, days, etc. They're most likely a scam. I don't know anyone who's made millions that quickly. Not even online guru and blogger, John Chow. It takes time and a lot of hard work to succeed in the online world of marketing. But that shouldn't be discouraging, however.

Companies like Stokes Media and HerMedia are seeing some success and have been for a very long time. While they might not be rich, they are able to put food on the table and share their success with others using various affiliate markets and some specific programs just like the Real Job Opportunity Online. Make Money At Home ads.

So of course they're all not bogus, it's just a matter of doing your research and finding out what's real and what's not.