June 26, 2009

Making Money With Your Writing

I was reading somewhere that Journalism is Dead, or in the very least will soon be. Do I believe it? No. Is there any truth to it? Maybe.

In some aspects journalism is a dying breed. Look at what happened yesterday with Michael Jackson. The online world got a hold of the story and knew several hours about his passing before the media crew did.

It's a changing world and the online writers of today along with technology are able to write and blog about the latest news going on in our world with the click of a button.

They don't need a degree to write and they certainly don't need a degree for readers to notice them, but that also doesn't quite mean that Journalism is Dead either. There are still the tough stories out there where the live action occurs and the media crew and journalists report. Not everyone can go to Iraq in the middle of a war zone and not everyone is willing to risks their lives in doing so either.

Journalists do much more than report about the news and write about it. They risk their lives investigating areas where every day citizens don't have access to or wouldn't want to be a part of.

And don't forget the authors who books are sitting on shelves in stores and in libraries. We read every day, but I'll be honest. I would much rather be reading a novel offline curled up in bed than sitting at my laptop.

I know as a freelance writer I work online and I'm still going strong with my writing. Sure, with the economy the way it is I may not be making as much as I'd like to, but I'm still making some money to pay a few bills. It helps and there are still companies out there who want bloggers and freelance writers and are willing to pay. Some will only offer credit, some will offer a ridiculous payment of $0.50 per a post for 700 words, while others offer a fair price for articles.

So while the world has changed as far writing, I believe it has opened up a world for everyone who loves writing and wants to share it with the world. But what I would love to know is your opinion. What do you think? Do you believe that Journalism is Dead?