May 11, 2009

Last Friday

I haven't been online for the past several days due to a power outage. Last Friday we had some pretty strong winds hit our area. For us they were around 65 miles per hour. They knocked down trees and power lines for the most part. Other areas were at 100 miles per hour with even worse damage.

Specifically for our neighborhood we woke up with a bright glowing fire in the sky. There was an electrical pole and tree on fire. Luckily there wasn't any severe damage to homes, but the electrical pole and tree had to be cut down.

So we were without power for a while. Now that the power is back on I am trying to catch up with what work I do have. It's been a struggle however due to the economy. I've been trying to find a job away from the house, but there are very few jobs at the moment for which I am qualified for.

I'm just hoping things will pick up soon.