May 15, 2009

Kids, Summer and Swimming

The kids have been begging us to go to the pool already. While it's officially not warm enough yet, there will more than likely be a few trips to the local Independence, Kansas Park Pool in their near future.

We did have a pool when we first purchased this house. That was one of the biggest features that attracted us to this house in the first place. It was the month of may when we moved in, so it was the perfect time to purchase pool supplies for our new pool.

Unfortunately we soon learned we had our work cut out for us. You see, one of the biggest issues was also the pool. The previous owner neglected this home and the pool. We learned from neighbors that he never cleaned it and even swam in the water when it was green. Ewww. We also learned that the water contained a family of frogs! Our swimming pool was becoming a pond!!

In the end we decided to take down the pool for fear of our kids safety and the repairs we found it needed after draining it. Such a shame. I kind of miss it, but I think it was for the best at that time. Maybe the day will come again when another pool will be in our life. For now their is always the park's.