May 21, 2009

Guitar Picks, Crockpots, Ohh Myyy

My husband is just starting to learn how to play guitar. So when I found an offer for free picks and a pick case, I was estactic. I love freebies as long as they're not abused. I for one just fill out for the things I'm most interested in and I don't do it multiple times either.

Anyway I thought I would share the link for the free guitar goodies just in case anyone else may be interested, so HERE YOU GO.

P.S. I made fajitas in the crockpot last night from a recipe suggestion online. They had way too much liquid and I won't be making them again. I really love the crockpot though and it's great for when we're busy and I don't have time to really cook. Lately that's been about once a week because of sports with the kids.

The crockpot I purchased at an estate sale for a whopping $2! I was really excited about that find.

I know that there will be some bitchers about how low it is to buy things from yard sales and such because they think that it means your poor and can't afford to live by buying the most expensive stuff you can find, but you know what..... I really don't care! There's not a damn thing wrong with going to yard sales or estate sales.