May 18, 2009

Being a Part of So Many Wonderful Websites

A lot of people just don't understand why I'm a part of so many mom websites like Momselect for example. Well, it's simple. I enjoy reviewing free products and getting a chance to win great stuff for the family and home like the like new appliance collection from Fridgidaire. Right now they're giving away a new washer and dryer which is awesome.

The great thing about it is I'm not the only mom that can win. If you go to the Fridgidaire website and fill out their 5 things for mom survey, you could win as well. It's a simple survey and they just want to know what you would do for yourself if you had an extra hour to yourself.

My ideas are about others, but they are for myself in a sense. For example I have a passion for helping kids with low self-esteem and women who have been abused. But I also want to fly and plane among a few other dreams and goals like publishing my novels. Just writing down those things is inspiring and it doesn't hurt to get a chance to win new appliances either.

I honestly don't know a sweeter deal than that! And for those wondering whether or not I'm getting paid to blog about this, I'm not. I just want to help spread the word and get a second chance to win! Hehe