April 19, 2009

Thinking of the Past

It really amazes me how life can move on, but there are still moments when you remember bits and peices of the past, even if they're not all great.

One of the times I remember was going to bingo and karaoke with an old neighbor years ago. I didn't have really any friends and she was nice to hang out with. Of course that friendship ended when she decided to use me as a cover for her devious adventures unknown to her husband. But one of the memories that really stands out is the sports car her husband bought her. It was bright shiny red and really nice. She drove it past my house and showed it off.

It's funny because it was Ferrari parts that brought up that memory. I don't even know why. I wasn't jealous of her vehicle. For one, her husband decided not to buy it. Which was a good idea given the end circumstances! Still, I often wonder whatever became of the two, yet I really don't want to waste my time finding out. Does that make any sense?